Immich is a self-hosted backup solution for photos and videos on mobile device.

This kustomization provide a basic setup for an immich instance on Kubernetes. For a functional setup, there are some components you have to implement yourself:

There are components used in the SI-Infrastructure, but they rely on operators that might not fix your setup.

You can also overwrite configs globally using a optional secret called immich-env-override.

Be aware that you might need to adjust some configs, like the IMMICH_MACHINE_LEARNING_URL if you use the kustomize prefix or suffix features.


Create a kustomization.yaml in your gitops setup:

# kustomization.yaml
kind: Kustomization
namespace: immich
  - ingress.yaml

Add an ingress.yaml and add the components for postgres and redis.

Deploy it all using your GitOps toolchain.


This kustomization has drawn quite some inspiration from the upstream helm chart, but allows easier overwrites and replacements and doesn't rely on a abstracted helm chart.

This switch makes it easier to integrate Operator-based components and adjustments.