Logo for SI Infra

The Shivering-Isles (SI) Infrastructure is the home infrastructure of Sheogorath. It's a production infrastructure that runs various services including Instant Messenging, E-Mail but also multi-media services and hosting various websites.

The SI Infrastructure is aiming to be owned, private, cost efficient and flexible. In the current digital age, where everything and everyone wants to sell you Software as a Service with a subscription model, ownership has become a luxury. With advertisement, surveillance, and "AI" companies grabbing onto every aspect of the internet, it has become almost impossible to own data and keep them from prying eyes that want to make money or influence from it. In order to make this effort sustainable, the infrastructure has to be cost-efficent, with a major focus on runtime cost, making sure that supporting the infrastructure is viable in long term. To allow experimentation and multitude of use-cases, self-contained components compose the infrastructure, allowing experimentation and replacement.

This documentation provides some insight into the Shivering-Isles Infrastructure. Like every documentation of a living system, it's incomplete and out-of-date.